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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle Pinky the Clown
Post Content
one last coment, i'm still on the road, funny enough at mcdonalds.

here is something for those who have kept silent.

my passners window got stuck down and wouldn't roll up, it is a power window, for 3 days i did everything to try and make it move, from kicking the door, slamming it hard as ever. i gave up and got a bag and covered it, the next day i am driving along and rolled down the driver side window and when i went to roll it back up, it wouldn't move either. both windows stuck all the way down.

man i get sad feeling sorry for myself and the fix yet again i find myself in. that night i pull over at the nearest lake a few hundred miles from home and go to sleep.

i begin to dream, it's raining and my windows will not roll up. the rain is pouring in the windows and all over me. i begin to pray. GOD IF YOU ARE WITH ME, THEN PLEASE ROLL THESE WINDOWS UP. i hit the first window and to my disbelief it begins to roll up, i do the same to the other window and it rolls up also. i am so full of joy, i can hardly believe what my eyes are seeing.

about that time, i wake to a rain drop on my arm and then a quick pour. i did just as i down in the dream. GOD IF YOU ARE WITH ME, PLEASE ROLL THESE WINDOWS UP... i reach for the first window and it quickly rolls up, man how cool was that, and of course i do the same for the other window and it does the same. that was over 12 months ago. i have never had trouble from either window to this day.

as surely as the lord lives, this is a true story.

so don't let the loud mouths get you down guys, they didn't have it in them to believe, don't let them lead you astray. this will happen on GOD's time table not mine or the devils. hang on to your faith and GOD will never let you down...

quietly prepare yourself and when the time is right head out. you will know when that is, HE is with you all, those who want him to be...

pray and hold fast to your savior, he will save you.

check in again when i can. chip griffin
 Quoting: chipg

Chipster - what it is?

Man, don't you know how to use that power?

Rev. 11:6 clearly states in part:

These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy.....

You didn't have to ask God to roll the windows up. You could have turned off the rain yourself and still enjoyed the breeze through the open windows.

For crying out loud - you are one of the Two Witnesses of the Book of Revelation.


Honk my nose if you love Witnesses.
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