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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle chipg
Post Content
i was waiting on the losers to line up and say what yall did.
the rain don't rain on me only when i am witnessing, on the road, called to go by GOD himself. IF i should take a trip on my own which this time i did. i went down to a friend of a friends, a preacher guy who wanted to talk with me. at the time i was between events if you will and went there for something to do. i didn't know the guy and spent 3 days at his home. my window stoped working before i left town and didn't work the whole time i visted with him. on the way back i stoped at the lake about 15 miles from my house in acworth. i have a perfect spot there i stay at a lot. kinda like camping out but using my truck as a tent.
i like this place because on summer morning i can bath without the worry of strangers coming up and i bath in the buff, which feels real cool and i really enjoy it. the water is always the perfect temp and it is hiden from the traiff of atlanta. so that is why i stopped. the rain will only not rain when i am forced on the road and have a job to do. the rest of the time it's whatever it is, such as this night.
so get over the trying to caught a slip up, it wont happen. i bring the whole truth. like it or not. it's all true. i thought some of you might like such a cool true story. it sure gave me the needed boost to take yall on a few more months and years.
let me add one time i was swiming in the buff out in new lorleans and a park ranger came running up, yelling, hey man you need to come out of that water and now! i'm thinking he must have seen me go in and was ready to haul me off to jail. man i'm in a fix, now for sure. anyway i yell back why? he says ther're gators in that water biger than me. what do i do? well i am trying to figure out what i'm going to say, slowly moving towards shore and his radio goes off and he is called away. thank GOD, didn't know how i was going to talk my way out of that one.
from then on, i moved a hundred miles north and bussiness as usaly. close call
another time while riding the shore line of the ocean on hwy 1, i would find a great spot out in the middle of no where. well swiming as i do, the ocean ranger or whatever they are called came up without making enough noice and thank GOD for rip tides. i was saved again. funny storys from coast to coast.

i know this wont please the hard cord, but the truth is just that the truth. it hasn't rained while i have been on the road working. soon enough you have all the proof you could ever want, but your problems at that time want make you feel any better.

i was a day early on the DC earthquake, but DC, what a call that was huh.

don't mind me, be right with GOD and all is well. if you planned any at all you might make it out of the city.

remember we are in the worst time in history, so when you go to repeating and you will, at least the smart people will. we have a rightious GOD, that means perfect in all his ways. so the small stuff counts, matters. most people think if they haven't been to jail or done what is on tv, murder, rob, rape, they are saiths. nope, we are going to a place where they'll be no lieing, no cheating of any kind, no ugly words. you get my dift. don't judge yourself to the worst generation to ever be on the planet. compair yourself to JESUS, he did not sin. start there, everything short of that, you need to ask for forgiveness and make an effort in making your ways perfect. we have a big job ahead of us and the master to teach us...
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