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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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When I was lieing to myself, he waited for me to find the truth. When I was hurting, he taught me how to heal. When it was time to fall in love, the right girl showed up. When I was lonely, he wouldn't leave me alone. When I was broke, a great job showed up. When I needed to talk, he would Liston to ever word. When I was wrong, justice was ordered up. When everything always changed, he never did.
When I left home, he went with me, and when I couldn't find a home, he said keep your eyes on me. When I laughed, I could see him smile. When I cried, he held me gently for months at a time. When I got locked up, he sent someone along holding the key. When I was hard headed, he said, I have all the time in the world!
He said, I have built you a Manson, I said, I saw a room in your house, all I need is a key. Later that day one was sent to me. all my brothers and sisters sitting at the table, this time a family that includes me, together forever. There couldn't have been a happier ending to one of the most enduring struggles
One man's war fought and won. Each story much the same, only different names and faces in many different places. We come here in search of reason and understanding. We all want the very same thing. We all want to be, Wanted. Needed, and Loved! Once we get pass all the dead useless stuff, we find the truth and what is important. WE ARE, each of us, we all have the ability to love and be loved. If it can't love you back, then sit it down and keep searching. You will find it, if you don't quit.
Thank you father for making me wise beyond my years, for showing me what is important and why, and for not giving up when all I wanted to do was quit... I will spend the rest of this life trying to thank you and pass what was given to me, on to others. In heaven we will use what was hard earned wisdom and truly understand why it's called paradise...

one of your sons,
Chip Griffin
 Quoting: chipg

Praying in public = very impressive! I think we're all ready to change our minds about you :)
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