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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle Tuko
Post Content
OP, which october 31st were/are you referring to? 2011 or 2012? You started this thread in september 2011 so I think you've missed your mark... failed!
 Quoting: WatchmenOnTheWall

Well, to explain this from Chip's POV, he sorta got a bad case of rubberlegs as it got closer to Oct.31 last year, so he told everybody that "god called it off", that it was just a test.

But you see, WOTW - if you can fathom how Chip failed, then maybe you can understand why some here see you in the same light.

Think about your JohnnyJigawatts thread. Think about what did not happen in July last year or this year just like Chip's Halloween never happened either.
 Quoting: Jo-Jo the Clown 21611772

But you have failed to see that china has since that very post has been slowly dumping the US dollar like I said they would.

They did surprise me though as I was told it would be sudden, and I must tell you that I really do rub shoulders with some pretty powerful people, and most you would know.

We are a pretty large construction company who does mainly high end work in NYC manhattan, and the very wealthy parts of New Jersey.

There's lots of others as well like police and military people who know lots of stuff.
 Quoting: WatchmenOnTheWall

I have however broke away from many of them, and yes, many times I have been wrong, and I'm the first to admit that.

That being said, don't be fooled by that. There is lots of relevant information on those two birdie threads.
 Quoting: WatchmenOnTheWall

Oh great. Another End Time Prophet.


So instead of being cryptic like all the other losers around here (not mentioning names chip) please just lay it all out for us simpleton clowns.

What, where and when is going to happen.

chip has predicted zombies and demons roaming the streets 10-31-11, the stock market crash on a Tuesday after it reached 11,888, giant scorpions stinging people starting July 2012 and the Rapture of the Church on 12-21-12 among other failures.

Whatchoo got Watcher?

And don't give us this vague shit about the economy and the dollar collapsing soon, Israel attacking Iran soon, the EU failing soon.....

If you're for real (like chippy claims to be) give us details.
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