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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle RayGun
Post Content
Hi Chip. Good to see you post. Was wondering how you were doing.
 Quoting: Nine's

i'm doing well nine, and you and the rest of you, how are yall?

i had a good b-day and am busy with my work. more people hating me by the day, the whole moon thing made a lot mad, as if i could do that. light it from the bottom and all.

do get the whole hate me thing? A:i bring the truth and it don't set them free. read the bible it really isn't that hard...

anyway, nothing has changed. all is on including the big day, air lift...

B:keep an eye on ca. things are changing in a big way and at lightning speed.

this has been very hard on me and the boys, who are still down in south ga. pay day is almost here. man am i tired...
 Quoting: chipg 1821613

A: Nothing you have said has come true. If we would of listened to you we would be starving to death in the middle of southern GA for over a year.

B: Are you making another prediction for CA? Give a date and type of event. Otherwise anything that happens in CA for the next 10 years you will say you warned us.

Let me be the first to call BS. bsflag
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