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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle RayGun
Post Content
check back in a few days. who's hating me now kinda thing. one would think you would get used to it, but it is not possible. you get better at it and learn how to not let it get you down as bad, but sometimes it still hit the bone.

i hope the best for you all, really, even the da's, don't think they had much of a chance from the jump. it seems those who faired the best where the ones who had it the hardest and choose love anyway, tho none was ever found for any real leanght of time, the dream if you will lived...

i refuse to let it die. thank you Jesus for walking that road before me, showing me how. i failed but never quit tring...
 Quoting: chipg 13961108

It's good to see you posting here again chip.

Think about it, last year you kept us all updated on all the late night talks you had with Jesus and God and the angels. Now that the "End Times" are upon us you have gone silent.

I would think as one of the two End Time prophets you would be ratcheting things up about now. After all we only have five weeks and a couple days till the Rapture.

I've told you before that I was the other End Time prophet and you ignored me.

Now I will prove it.

Something BIG is going to happen soon. When it does the media will not be able to ignore it. It will be all over the news. Everyone will be talking about it.

Get ready. Don't say I didn't tell you in advance.
 Quoting: Tuko

Could the two end time witnesses be any more vague??

Come on Tuko! What is going to happen?

I don't want to put any pressure on you but whoever is

less vague will be my favorite end-time witness.

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