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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle chipg
Post Content
as to the angels, if it were only my mind going on the fritz it would have been over long ago. some days i truly wish that was the case, sorry guys it's not. no pill is going to fix what is headed our way. it is only all too real.

i haven't told yall most of what i know for many reasons, first of all you couldn't varafy any of it any way and i'm not here to scare you and that's the best it could have done.

these angels are real pro's, first of all to get me on complete board was no easy task. i knew i would be throwing my life away. no one short of GOD would i do that for...

i did find true love, i found it in my sons eyes, both of them. chase and chance hold my heart in the plam of thier hands. this job, well i was ask to walk away from them. GOD said he would take the same great care of them as he did a boy i once knew, chip. he made a man without uttering a word, well not until july 31 2006...

anyway, you guys hang in there and remenber he (GOD) is always with you, just talk to him, yea right out loud, just as i do. he will answer in many ways, mostly actions. he cares deeply for us all and DON'T MESS WITH HIS CHILDREN he will flat kick some butt. we know who we are, your life is full of his love. this life was/is a testing ground full of hardships, meant to make men and women worthy of his kingdom, our new world. our home...

so no pill will fix this, your faith and trust will be pushed to it's very limits in the days ahead, give him your life, you'll be glad you did. we need him far more than he needs us in my opion. i'm glad he wanted a family and made me one of his sons...

never give up and never give an inch, fight the good fight. we have a long vacation coming slap full of love and family...

best to you all...pray hard and die trying, chip griffin
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