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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle chipg
Post Content
not sure why i stopped in today, just did, i guess. the coments are easeing up a bit and that brings me confort on some level. i know most of you can clearly see the shape the world is in today and know in their hearts, this thing is over on some real level.

obama was hired not elected, from about the age of 18 he knew the deal, he took the deal i refused. i believe he thinks it was god who ask if he wanted to change the world.

for me, i knew it was the devil because of the way it went down, nothing is free. more i cant tell...

i promise all i have said about my youth and my life as a whole is true and most can be varafied.

it doesnt matter who believes what at this point, soon enough your own eyes will behold the coming of our lord!!!

those of you, the believers, left behind, don't throw in the tollew. it is far from over and you can make it to the promised land. don't take the mark and make your life real before your GOD and he will lead you to safty. many of you will die, do it with a smile on your face, giving streaght to those who will follow your lead. never give up!

tell GOD the things you should have during the pass few years, put down the things that are dead (stuff) and pick up those that are living. other people, help each other. you will find joy in all you do for others once your heart gets right...

as to ca. just watch, before the end of the year...

best to you all, good day.

ps. thanks for the good words about my writting skills. my heart land on this page and is trying to reach any and all who are willing, those who search for love, you are at the door...dont give up...
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