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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle Tuko
Post Content
Sad state of affairs here. Why would a man who has never had a single prophecy come to pass continue to believe, without any shred of reason whatsoever, that his final and ultimate forecast will succeed?
 Quoting: Kinky the Klown 26773069

well the short version is, i was hoping for people with the ability to see pass thier own face. not much luck here with this clown.

btw, i have had many things i said come to pass, such as mitt, 1188. yes i have overstated a few things, not on purpose.

i only witness things, see them. not always understanding what i see and the time line, so yes, i guess and guess wrong, not on what i seen but to the date of the coming action. the actions will come to pass, the scopions, the mark, etc. the 21 of this month is a real day of some tpye of action in this phyical world, not the end. this world will never end, only what we know of it now, change is coming. that is a fact...

no, i am not backing down off the dec 21 time, i hope for the rapture, my guess is it will be something very different. change just the same. if this make me a lier, then a lier i am.

i came and told yall as i was told to do, i brought what i believe the truth is or was. i have and will be wrong from time to time, i am never far from the truth because i seek the truth.

i told those angels from day one i was the wrong guy for this job. it appears i was right...i did the best i knew how without any real training. not a people person, i'm a person person. i like relationship with people i know and love. tho they have been few they were real on my part. i loved them all. my words dont fit most times and you cant read my thoughts. i truly care... i loved you because he did, your maker, most of you i don't like, but i will die helping you just the same...

i was thrown into a world full of strangers on both sides of the veil. i did the best i could with what i understood. that must count for something.

so to throw hate at me only pushes me away, there is more than enough hate in my world with all of this... i came and gave you all, all of me. i wish you all well and hope you find your dreams as i have...

my world is real the place i hoped was real is, heaven is teaming with life and love. money is done away with. i found my rainbow, now i wait to go home. i have a family that loves and misses me. i am truly loved!!! the luckiest man alive or at least one of them.

the ones of you who are part of that family, don't give up. you can and will make it. follow your heart...

he brings your reward with him. jesus freak over and out...
 Quoting: chipg 13295122

So you're backing up already?

It's not the 21st yet.

I knew you'd change your story but I thought you might ride it out till the last couple days anyway.

Now instead of the Rapture on the 21st it's just going to be "some tpye of action in this phyical world".

Could you be more vague?

Admit it chip. You are not one of the two end time witnesses. You are talking with demons, not angels. You need help!
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