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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle Kinky the Klown
Post Content
Hey Chip. I see you're back. I thought you were leaving. Anyway, I saw a few pages back that you finally figured out what sackcloth is. You're welcome.
 Quoting: Skeptically Anonymous 7296063

what do you mean, finally figured out what sackcloth is? i have known what it is, aminal hair. is that what i said a few pages back, don't remember
 Quoting: chipg

What a short memory you have. I think I'm offended. You can't even bother to read back through your own thread. Seriously now, you don't remember arguing with me that sackcloth was "animal skin"? Sure, it's been awhile, but this is a long thread. I think I first chimed in around page eleven. I think the sackcloth thing was around page seventy or so.

Fuck that. It was page 73. I found it with MINIMAL effort. You replied to one of my posts (mis-replied I guess, since you fucked up the quote tags and had it looking like you replied to yourself):

"don't want to argue, yep the two never smile. just mean guys

as far as the rest of the stuff turn on the tube, it's all there.

sackcloth is animal skin, i will get some soon, i'm thinking..."

 Quoting: Skeptically Anonymous 7296063

i said it more than once, maybe you found the one time i was in a hurry, but i clearly said it's sackcloth of hair! i even said i wasn't sure what color i would use. animal skin makes no sence.

i also said i was shown very early how to skin an animal, in order to wear it and cure it.

that's what i mean, you guys hunt one mispelled or a hurry and write error and bring the world down on me.

if your looking for errors, you will find them! if your looking for truth you will also find it! what you looking for must change. go ahead and look for what i truely said and you will find it...

yall are so busy hunting my mistakes, you will surely die from that mistake. you should be using this time to be getting ready. what the fuck is wrong with you guys?!?!

yep, another hard word for some real stupid guys. this thing is going to land on yall.

when you finaly figure out i was telling the whole truth, it wont matter, they will have you right where they want you, fight with me, being unprepaired.

don't yall understand it's the devil beating you inside your own head!!! it's all he can do at this point is lead you astray, and yall are following like the drain dead, right to your graves.

IT'S SO VERY SAD, some of you are good people, just like GOD said, my people parish from lack of knowledge, most of you are not GOD's people. you are clearly the enemy, trying to bring down as many as you can with you.

as if the burning will hurt less if your in a crowd!!! use your brains. how could someone make up all that i have said, if i were that smart, i would be making a living doing it.

 Quoting: chipg
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