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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle chipg
Post Content
yall put words in my mouth. i would gladly depart today. i said GOD gave me that date and he did. as to it's out come, i know not, just the date. i was hopig for the rapture and still do.
 Quoting: chipg 13295122


You have stated over and over that the Rapture would be on 12-21-12.

Don't you dare come out now and say that you only hoped that it would be the date of the rapture.

So now you're saying that "SOMETHING" will happen on the 21st? And if ANYTHING does happen it proves you right?

This is ridiculous.

You are one of the two "end time witnesses".
You are to be killed by the Antichrist in Israel before 12-21-12.
Your dead body is to be seen by the whole world for 3 and 1/2 days.
Then you are to rise up alive and go up into heaven before the eyes of the world.

The zombies in the streets, the giant scorpions, the vaccines with the RFID chip, the dark cloud, the "safe cities", the FEMA camps, and all the rest...

And all you have is "I predicted Romney to be the Rep. nominee"?

If you weren't so pathetic it would be funny.

 Quoting: Tuko

tuko, will you look up in the real yellow pages, a good head shisk for me. oh hea, just give me some of your good wisdom, save me some money to buy more things with. need some new socks, not sack cloth it's free...ha ha

the only reason i have said anything about not sure what's going to happen is because, here of late i have been given vision of things going to happen this coming summer, not sure if i here or just being shown. kinda thrown me for a loop...

i truly have my hopes set on the rapture. that is my out day or at least the day i have been pacing myself for. i truly want off the planet. dont want or need to be a big shot of any kind. i will exit stage left today. i mean that, just doing what i'm told and being brutily honest in the process...

i hope that doesn't hurt any of yalls feeling, knowing how much i would be missed. getting not as good at keeping my big mouth shut. i will pray and try harder. it seems i do better the less i said.

btw, nine would you like me to explain the bible and it purpose, i mean in the layman way or terms, or would it just be better if i signed off a while.

looking to do something constuctif. any sujestions?
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