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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle chipg
Post Content
Since you are in a teaching mode...

What must I do to be saved?
 Quoting: Tuko

not sure if tuko is playing with me or not, but for the others who truly want to know and be saved.

ask GOD to allow the HOLY SPIRIT to enter you, go to your local church and request to be bastized, this is you making a public confession to be saved. pray both morning and night speaking truthfuly to your maker, as your relationship grows, he will become your father, he already know you, you will get to know him. the HOLY SPIRIT is that voice inside you telling you what is good and right. liston and do as he says. read your bible daily, for it is the answers to new world in which you now live. JESUS walk in your very footsteps, showing you that it is in deed possible to be rightous right here on earth, under the worse possible conditions. work at it, it only gets harder as the right things become clear. tested by fire, yep your friends and family are busy working against you. no you wont fit in if your doing it right and yes there is true joy in this walk. suddenly a clear hero comes to light, JESUS is the man, he aced this place! wow

one last thing, the evil that run this place will come against you on new levels, fight the good fight!

also the bad voices you hear are the bad guys hoping you give in and give up, don't. yes you will fail, but don't quit, get up, ask for forgiveness and get back to fighting. you are now on the stage and the whole world is watching, call on your christian friends when you feel weak.

just because someone calls themself a christian, doesn't mean they are, watch what they do. keep real christians around, if you can find any. remember GOD is right there, only one word away, help me. he is listening. if i can get you to believe that, that he hears you! then your in the game...see you at the house, supper is almost ready...
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