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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle chipg
Post Content
chipg if you dont repent before the 13th hr you shall fall for you are bearing false witness and that sin is enough to let the devil take you on first day of tribulation not even getting chance to learn the truth in the tribulation. It is not heavens will you are taken to hell it happened because of your continued lieing to yourself and others, your delusions and pride is reason you are taken. You have been warned many times to repent and choose in pride not to listen when the day comes the words I speak are fulfilled then ye shall know ye have been decieved.

I bear my witness unto all listening that God nor the Son of God even Jesus Christ has communicated to chipg or any others on this forum making claims of divinity and position in divine authority whom are not called directly by myself for I am the real Son of God and my words shall not pass away and even so in day of thunder and lightning and great shaking ye shall know I am He for I shall cause this to come when I stand upon Holyplaces.

Therefore If I prophecy to someone a specific time of dieing/falling it will be fulfilled and I have warned all false prophets that devil plans to take them when tribulation first begins so they have no time to repent.

You may ask yourself why now I reveal myself, because so many claim to speak for me and be me and are leading people to Hell, I could have accomplished what I am doing without ever speaking on a forum but have chosen to share knowledge to help others understand the truth. The real work of God is not known to man and those making claim to know plan of God are in pride and if they dont repent shall fall and this does include pastors of churchs. The fact of matter is that mine two witnesses are known to me personally and when the final one arrives then things shall begin, but they are not posting on the forum at this time.
 Quoting: Spiritoftruth

and yall thought i was nuts, well here you go boys, have a blast...

all joking aside, this guy and i believe i know who this one is, mike? is that you?

this just shows how powerfull these visions of ours can be. this guy had some real happening. i guess that is the best way to descibe such events. they can be life changing to say the least. as to mike visions, most are in his head. not tiring to discredit you mike on any level. i believe what you have seen to be real, just not pointed at you.

these events and pride and power struggle issues are a bad combination. don't worry guys it will all work it self out in the end. mike, hang in there, we are on the same team.

it's ok if you don't agree with me, try pointing your fight at the enemy. your fight is not with me or anyone on this side of the computer screen. try going after your local goverment, protesting or something...

best to you just the same...
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