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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle Nine's
Post Content
Hi Chip, Interesting comparisons you make. I agree with God being a God of justice and love. But, justice and love doesn't torture someone forever.

To me, it would be like if you can't tolerate your boys behavior so you tell them they can't stay with you if they keep it up. They keep it up.

Instead of escorting them to the door and hoping they'll learn from their mistakes and come home with a changed heart and follow the rules, you shoot them. A wounding shot, but not lethal. While they're in the driveway suffering, you get a blow torch and burn them a while.

You wouldn't do that. No sane person would. Would God? Wouldn't it be the same thing? It makes sense He'd remove his protection and spirit from us hoping we'd learn, but what does a person learn from eternal torture, other than hatred?

It sure does look like things will get a lot worse, doesn't it? Maybe the devil and his demons are working overtime now you suppose?

He's probably getting pretty desperate knowing his time is nearing. What a run he's had, huh?

It's sad you didn't have anyone you could talk to about what you were experiencing, or if you did talk, it turned people away.

I wonder if those people thought they were doing you a favor, hoping you'd ponder what they were saying, like you said about God giving us a chance to think things over.

Maybe they weren't being cruel like it seemed. Some of the posts here that you saw as being nasty or cruel, I saw as some concerned people, trying their hardest to get you to at least consider their viewpoints. And I think you have.

What you went through/go through, with them, really doesn't sound like an angel of good.

"A roller coaster ride you can't get off, like being robbed day after day." Hard to live that way, Chip. Very hard.

No, the things that visit you haven't brought you any friends here. But you did. You got your friends here. Whether or not you realize it, many people here do care about you, and I'm sure it's the same in "real life". Sometimes it's not easy to see. Especially when things that are said seem more hurtful than helping. Even then, those people probably think they are helping.

It's hard to know what to say. Sometimes, I think we're in a prison of our own making without realizing we hold the key to our freedom.

Now, to figure how that key fits in the lock, right? LOL.
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