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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle chipg
Post Content
let us take another look at one of the stories in the bible, the one about lott.

lott had a visit from a couple angels, they were telling him to get his family and leave, lott said, wait what about the others, the others like himself, rightous.

the angels said they aren't any others, (just putting the story in my own words,ok. don't come after me for not going at it word for word, ok, thanks, in advance...) lott ask for time to go and get the others and was giving that request.

well after what i bet was many days if not weeks, lott knew the angels were right and got his family and left.

my question to you is... what would such a test look like? if i ask you to go and bring me one rightous person, what would you do to find such a person?

do you go and hunt those smileing and saying the right things, such as we find those here on this very forum?

this question should keep you busy for sometime, those of you who truely care, those of you who seek the truth...

i will check back tonight to see what answers you bring me.

go down to your local chruch sunday morning, in there you will find all those who want to go to heaven. wait out front as you watch them leave. all of them will be smiling, laughing, huging one another, the preacher will be shaking hands, saying whatever he needs to to keep the line moving.

you ask how do i know, because i must have watched this play out this very way hundreds of times, from coast to coast as i made my way across this country.

yall know i live in ga, the farer you go west the fewer the chruches become, after about mid texas it becomes harder and harder to find chruches, then into ca. the start becoming easier to find, the people not real eager to help a strangers, but nice words and big smiles are plentiful.

now heading north is another story after about north carolina, the smiles and nice words become harder to find, by new york, if your not a known face the hand becomes a tool, a tool to push to along. i am overstating a bit, but not by much. those new yorker are the hardest bunch i have ever encountered. they live like roaches, so on that level i understand thier bitterness, but if the car works i would be leaving town on the next tank full of gas. thier god keeps them there, money and lots of it.

anyway back to the questions, how would one find a rightous person. tell me what lott did in order to find out what GOD already knew?

i have indeed went and measured the chruch, the chruch is open, but all the people are dead! i always only spoke to the head guy or the preachers or their leaders or thier teacher. if the teacher don't know then how is he suppost to teach them?

can't wait to see yall answers...

have a great day, i have some work to do today and as yall can clearly see, so do yall.

think hard and long, what is rightous?
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