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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle Tuko
Post Content
no, the mark of the beast, is a real thing. it will be a shot or vaccine like i said, from what i was shown it was a trick in the beginning and then force on everyone after it was known.

the false prophet will have the ability to slow or stop time, making a day last for days, the sun wont set until he says. many things never before or never again.

i would like to add, i don't just talk to angels, but the HOLY SPIRIT has layed with me for hours, just rubbing my side or my back, he has driven my car, many things i don't go into because i can't prove it and yes it sounds crazy. the HOLY SPIRIT has come up and sat on the edge of my bed many times, sometimes after i am really afraid, sometimes just when i am tired and ready to quit.

one time back in 07, the devil came in to my room and grabed me around the neck and began choking the life out of me. i couldn't get my breath to plead to GOD to help, after about 1 min, i got out, JESUS, just before this he (devil) leaned down and yelled in my ear,"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU", just after i got out jesus, he was pushed off me. i passed the floors the rest of the night. man oh man, what am i going to do??????????????? this has been so very level on level you could not grasp. hard is an unstatment.

once while out in ca. i was staying in a homeless shelter, being treated very well, for a homeless shelter. one of the bad angels came and said GOD was after me, (the bad ones are ugly and disfigured, if they come as theirselves) and i said, yep your right and we are after you! he became afraid and left!

the evil ones can come inside people who willing let them and say things, this is the things i can't tell yall. the more you know the harder it gets, that is why i take my hat, shoes, pride, and even self off to him. he lived a full life here understand all things, making this life ten times harder, just a single day is hard, to think of 33 years, mind blowing...
 Quoting: chipg 13295122

Thanks for your answer. Maybe you could pray to God and ask for some relief. Everyone needs some time off now and then.
 Quoting: Nine's

I haven't read this entire posting, but this is very interesting in view to a similar experience , its the LOWER SELF fighting the HIGHER SELF. The EGO or lower self which has all the inner demons. In the coming days MANY of those about to ASCEND into their LIGHT BODIES will experience the same as they fight off the demons who have enslaved you by all past lives of organized religious bull shit centred around the FEAR of God, when the real God (within) is LOVE. It will MEAN instant DEATH to the LOWER 3D SELF that was born into this hell called the illusion, the matrix. The lower-self in DNA is very much a part of it, from the FALL of MAN and the seed printed as manipulated DNA strings from the ANTICHRIST. I have now completed my spiritual path in 3D, and my own voice spoke as the HIGHER SELF and said, "This is your HIGHER SELF, I love you". My path has covered 13 years with my twin fame as my mentor on the other side guiding me. The journey continues on the other side to greater heights of love and joy.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20029266

When you wake up Saturday morning the 22nd you're gonna say:

"Damn...I wasted 13 years on this crap."crazyjak
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