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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle Koko the Clown
Post Content
No chip you wont scare me off like it appears you scared off nines !( nines if I am wrong and you just havnt been on GLP for a while I sincerely apologise )

Ive gone from belittling you to admiring you and defending you - but the minute you accused Perf - who asks perfectly reasonable questions considering your claims - of being on the enemys team well that was the last straw for me ,

Most of us still here are posting out of concern for you because you have only two possible realities that you are failing to address :

1 ) You have a severe mental illness leading you to believe you converse at home with God,Jesus and Moses etc,


2) You are being conned/controlled by malevolent spirits - appearing to you as God, jesus etc - but feeding you false prophecies !

personally I have believed from page 1 that its number 2 .

can you honestly say that the whole experience over the years has enriched you and your loved ones ?

No you cannot , these spirits have dragged you down to rock bottom, alienated your family, convinced your own sons that they will shortly die violently - are these the actions of a caring and loving holy spirit ?

No They Are Not !!

I understand you need this as its your raison d'etre but look at your life as an outsider sees you .

Take care mate - i'll pray that you wake up one day before its too late .

 Quoting: Muratada

mick, sorry friend but your wrong in several eare's, first of all, i never had a family outside of my sons, so the last 17 years have been great in that respect. my sons stand firmly behind me and have no problem with their deaths.

as to rock bottom, i'm far from it. in fact i feel as rich as one can under the serustances. it has greatly inproved my life, brought a fullness to it. i have talked with the angels from every angle. trying to make sence of these strange events. i have told them of my fears and worries.
they handled me well, with kid gloves when needed. this has been a long ride and i sit firmly on sanity.
you see it does not matter what yall think of me, it only matters what i and my sons think of me. they think highly of me and the angels, GOD, Jesus, etc. they have answered many of my sons questions to, just as i feel they did for noah and his sons back in the day.

i understand how this must look and sound to an average joe, the things your not taking into effect or what if i'm right and not being decieved, in other words if it's all true. how do you think it would go down in real life. or look at it from noah's point of view. for 100 years he and his sons worked on the boat, you know the people of that day had a good time at the expense of noah and his sons.

you noticed, no one but them got on the boat, well their wifes. i believe there were monements when noah and his sons were not sure what to make of it all, but they kept hammering away.

none of noah's family got on board, he had, parents, aunt and uncles, brothers and sisters, friends and neabors. even all those of his church chose not to get on board. only the people in his daiyly life, got on and were saved. i believe they didn't know what to think until the first rain drop fell. i believe they could hear the others clinging to the boat and the water began to rise. all they could do is cry and say, i tried to warn yall, but none of you listoned.

there is a lot more to the story than what i have wrote here at glp. i truly believe if you have gone through what i have, you would stand firmly just as i am doing now. yes there are days when i don't know what to think and if any of it is truly real, but those days are far apart, one every 3 or 4 months, on those days, i pray GOD, you always had my back, long before i met you and understand the things i believe i do now. i know you know my heart and why i am doing what i am doing, be fair with me as you always have been and i will go anywhere for you.

i have put myself in harms way, by my own actions and out of stupity and you helped me anyway. more than once. this trust in my GOD allows me to walk forward somewhat fearlessly.

yes i have crocked the trigger and am fully able and plan to pull it. i am all in! for a lack of better words.

i believe your being earnest with me mick and thank you. i am on the team i have chose to be own, using my own free will.
i weclome your thoughts and coments and will respond as i have here today. don'y worry for me or my sons, we are in good hands and are not being decieved...

mark my words it will play out just as i have said or just as the angels have said. i fear not. the sad part is all of you will see that i am sane and my sences in tact, right about the same time you figure out your screwed and in the worse way.

read over some of the stories in the bible and ask yourself, how did all that play out in real time, or as it was happening back in that day. yes it is a very hard walk, because there is no support system, i walk alone. funny thing, is my life was spent this way. GOD allowed all that stuff in my past, because he knew i would need to know how to stand against the whole world in my adult life. so i have been going to school my whole life getting ready for these days. it makes perfect sence, finaly...

good luck to you and all of you out there reading this, i am ready and you are not. today i look crazy, tomorrow, well just watch for yourself. i will have more useless friends than i will know what to do with. i could some a couple of those guys today and it ant looking like i'm going to get any. that's ok, been here before and did just fine and i will do just fine until the first rain drop, which i have already had many. the world don't want it to be true, so it is much easier to write me off today. there is a day coming were they and you will wish you made a different choice.

all i can do is tell you, i can't make you believe or act on anything.

ask yourself some other questions while your at it, why are all these things coming together at the perfect place in time, that some guy is saying the things i do/

i guess you believe i am making all this up as i go, and i have one heck of a good recall system, because i am not being caught in lies or changing my story.

there are ways to finding the truth besides just asking me. i have gave you all the tools needed to find the truth, but refuse to let it be a possibily. well that falls on your back not mine. good luck to you, but i can tell you, you are screwed in the worst way. the day you figure out i am who i say i am, will be one day too late!!!
 Quoting: chipg

Now, you gotta be asking yourself:

Just who were those guys waking me up at night and telling me all this stuff?

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