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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle Chuckles the Clown
Post Content
yes we know they don't believe and will laugh and mock. so be it.

keep it coming, those who need to hear and read what we say will find us...
i seen my sons die, it was hard to watch, but i am glad i know before the day, it makes that day a bit easier, i hope.

once my sons are no longer pawns, i can do a better job. not having to worry for them.

people like perf, who once was a believe and he let the devil fool him, his faith was weak at best in his best day.

don't let the unbelievers comments get you down, over look and fight the good fight...
 Quoting: chipg


So, the stingers are coming out in July, eh?

And when they don't, that leaves you a lot of time to dwell on it before December 21, does it not?

I said when - not if.

 Quoting: Perf

Guess your minor sons are breathing a sigh of relief after having been told when they were to be KILLED.

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