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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle Lotus Flower
Post Content
Chip i have followed this thread from the beginning an was very doubtful until you came back after the dow did not do what you said it was going to do and you said the angels told you to get over your self that was the correct answer God cannot work anyone that is full of pride and ego so keep coming back and posting and pay no attention to the people out there who does not beleive in a power greater then themselves. God will win everytime and thank you Chip for all you are trying to do and pay no attention to the non beleivers.
 Quoting: uncle dave 4531246

So you believe God lied - willingly - on multiple occasions?

 Quoting: Judge Smails

you have to look at it from a wiser stand point, if GOD needs us to do things and our free will is in tack, he may have to fudge the truth a bit in order to get us on board.

if a storm is coming and he needs our free will to work with his, he can help point us in the right direction by telling us a untruth.

if i didn't want my son with a certain girl, i could tell him she has a std, him trusting me, he does not go there. she has no std, but the gaol was the most important, i knew he would marry her before having sex, the perfect girl was 5 month down the road, he had to get by her in order to find his destey. as long as the girl rep. isn't harmed no harm done, right. well look at this that way.

sorry to use that as an example, but anyone can understand it from that point of view.
 Quoting: chipg

How dare you spout this absolute, unadulterated crap Chip. God does not lie, not even to "get us on board" as you like to put it. What an incredible amount of shit you have posted in the past, it borders on the insane.

I sure hope you are looking at exactly WHAT it is you have been following and listening to in the past, because it is not what you think it is if the bolded bit above is the conclusion you have come to.

You are completely and utterly sick Chip and the STD example has shown you in your true light.

No, not anyone can understand it from that point of view and if you were indeed to go down such a route, you would be selfish, controlling and deceitful.

You are an abomination.

If you do not like my opinion of you or anybody else takes exception to what I have just said, tough shit - Chip is a disgrace.
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