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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle chipg
Post Content
Ok guys, here I am for one last entry on this thread, then I will post a new thread and try once again to do my job to the best of my ability. Please just hear me out and then do as you feel you must. I am not asking anyone to do anything outside their own freewill. I am asking y’all to give others the same chance that has been given to you. The chance to hear me out. If you feel you must warn others of me, then do so in a kind manner and simply move on. Your job is done, let me do mine. Fair enough?…
Please read this entire post before running your hate machine at me, I say hate because none of you bring what I call encouragement, which is ok, that is not what I came for nor do I expect it from y’all. At least try and hold your tongues and look at what I have to say, not who is saying it.
I know most of you believe I have encountered some bad spirits and I am being used, I am not. What I do I do willing and with the best motives and intentions. I come to help those few whom names are written in the book of life. Try and overlook chip, yes me and all my faults and look at what I am saying. Yes I have been wrong on many of the things I have said, such as the rapture being on 12-21-2012 and the scorpion creatures, the stock market crashing, it did climb to the 1188 and then take its turn down. It only fell 207 points if I remember correctly. The part you fail to see is the fact that it rose over 800 points in the time I spoke of, just over 3 weeks. This fact alone makes it quite a statement. Such a thing has never happened before, let alone someone speaking it in advance, as I did.. I have said other thing that have yet to manifest, making me look like a liar, which I am not. Oh yea, let’s not forget the mitt thing either. I said he would win the GOP while their still were 9 people in the running. Some of you claim this to be no big deal, I say it is and no one else both on TV or here on GLP had done so. So this makes me the only one to predict it many months in advance and get it right. I have also spoke of many other event which most of you fail to over look, such as earthquakes, one of them being the Washington one, which I was a day early because I had took a night off and drank when it hadn’t be approved in advance. I would like to add I don’t drink to get drunk, but to only unwind and relax. I had been on the road the pass few weeks and wanted very much to relax and rest as to fall asleep a bit easier than normal.
The problems come in the translation. I am only viewing said events and have no time line to call them by. The 12-21-2012 came from one of these said events. Let me explain. I had hired a guy named Chris, I had been hired by home depot to change over their computer systems in all the stores through out the southeast. We started up in north Carolina and worked our way south into FLA. While on the road, Chris and I became good friends, as our friendship grew so did my willingness to tell him about the strange events that had started happening to me since that crazy night back on July 31 2006.
This one night, somewhere in the year 2008 I believe it was, we had rented a hotel room in the town of the next store we were to change over that following morning, not finding nothing on TV, I began telling him more of the strange events that were happening to me on a nightly pattern and how amazed I was at the pure accuracy of the events. Many event being on a personal level, effecting only my life, not the US or the world on any level. Anyway, as we began to talk, I told him I believe the world would be coming to an end in the very near future, maybe even the date that has been given by the Mayan down there in Mexico. I said I wasn’t sure, but it is starting to look like that date may be it or close. He said he sure hopes not. When I ask why, he said because it was his birthday. We talked a bit longer and then went to sleep. Well about 4 in the morning I was awoken by one of my dreams and looked over on Chris’s bed. Sitting right up on top of Chris was GOD, so this is where I got the date. Now that the date has come and gone we know that was not GOD meaning to me as to sitting a top of Chris. I believe the meaning to be the start to great change. Why? You might be asking yourself, because the visits have not stopped, in fact they have become more intense. In fact I had decided not to return to GLP or to carry the message any longer to anyone.
It is not my wish to become popular or famous. As most of you can surely tell, I have not gained one penny from any of this. In fact it has cost me dearly. I have not been meek in my willingness to get out there and tell the world. I have drove from coast to coast telling the church of my visits over the past 3 summers, not the last couple, but the 3 before. I have told any and all people in my daily life, both professional and personal. I wish to serve GOD with all the assets he has given me, my personality seeming to be the asset that hurts me the most. My blunt approach does me more harm that good it appears. I was never one to make many friends and I only wanted true friends if I was to spend the time and investment. I have found no true friends in this life time, sadly to say, and I started with a family that didn’t seem to care who they hurt.
So I secretly hoped for one true GOD and I would spend my time and energy in pleasing him and him alone. Hoping to see this place called paradise with my own two eyes. Wanting to know if I could live in such a place and be happy, bringing others happiness with what I had to offer.
Before the events of 2006 I was a man of integrity and strict disciple, holding myself to a standard far greater than those around me. I want a world based on something other than greed and what one can get for one’s self. A world In which our actions and our words matter, both bring great responsibility and can offer great pain or joy if not used properly. This being my one character defect that made people stand up and listens to what I was saying even after hearing it they ran me off. It was funny how they would laugh and make fun of me to my face as they began to make it to church every Sunday since our little talk.
The reason for this letter today is not to save face or to come up with a new date or time line. I don’t know when these things I have spoke of are to occur, I only know that I have seen them happening and the people who are present are very afraid and many are dieing, some willingly other just dieing. Like I said before I had elected to keep my mouth shut and go on with my business the best way I knew how, not bothering anyone else with dreams and visions happening to me. I only asked GOD if he would take me from this place of great hate and pain and deliver me to the one I have seen with great love and joy. He has yet to answer me and as you can see I’m still here.
In my closing thoughts I would like to add, if I could take any of you to one of the two places and show you around. I would take you to hell. If yawl could see and try to understand such a place. If you could spend a moment in a place of such great suffering and never ending suffering, maybe, just maybe you would spent the rest of your time here changing, making this place a bit more bearable for those who understand pain and the total lack of care most here display. If the min spent in hell would make the hours here a bit more pleasant then the trip would have been worth the trouble.
This earth was never about some American dream or one using gifts never earned, such as IQ, or your looks, or the color of your skin, etc. to get the things you believe you want, that might ensure your happiness. That always come up empty and 2 weeks after getting your latest desire, your right back out there chasing your next lie. It’s about finding the truth and finding it for yourself, because once you learn the truth thru many trails and errors and you found it at the cost of your own sweat and blood, your own stories of the hurt and pain caused by someone else‘s senseless desire. No one will ever be able to talk you out of it or convince you otherwise! You will stand and protect righteousness at the fear of heaven becoming a place such as earth has. Where greed is rewarded by fancy cars and stupid women. Where power is obtain by ruthless deeds of evil men willing to kill and let children starve only to say, that is what I thought would make one man happy. Where riches are seen as things laying around in the yard, only to gather rust and coronus.
Happiness, true happiness is to look over the years and see the smile on the face of what was once a child, now standing as a man, knowing I spent years teaching and crying with that single life helping it become what it has, A MAN! Know that child can now have a family of his own and I can find joy in watching him do what I once did for him for my grandchild. That my friend is true happiness!!!
No I don’t have much in the way of things, in fact I own nothing but the smile on this face and the soul I freely give to my GOD and father, and friend for FOREVER…

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