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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle chipg
Post Content
Chip believes Barry Manilow is one of the most evil singers out there.

Have you ever heard of Beyonce, Lady GaGa, all the other alleged MK Ultra puppets? You'll find them a bit more extreme that the man who sang 'Mandy.
 Quoting: Superflyscot 14397275

that's the best you got fly. see folks here is how one person uses his GOD given free will. he uses his words to tear down. this is stage one of evil! your going in one dirrection or the other. no one sits the fence...
 Quoting: chipg 25180926

Not my words, Chipster...your words.


satan is a pussy, sorry ladies, but he just tricked the ppl. he is a very good looking guy with long blond hair, he writes the song for the bad rock bands, liston to the words it's all true, zepplin,barry madalow, black sabet. all the rich and powerful, know who they work for. i work for GOD who is far greater than any power known, the HOLY SPIRIT is a bad boy, and Jesus is a man's man, the church has wimped him out, the bad boy Jesus got up on a cross. that takes balls!!!

all yall stop right now, go to youtube, look up barry mayalow, liston to these songs, tell me what you think?

one voice in the darkness, i write the songs.

he is singing about the devil, i could go on and on. it all true, most have been tricked. it's not too late. we can make it right. you have to hunble yourself first...


these ppl live in a place i would never want to go. fair tell land. like the barry manilow thing, mman go read the words, for that mater flip your radio on, most hist records or bands play some type of appreation to there god. the stones, please to me you. go down the list, every one.

Does God speak to you through Barry Manilow songs, Chip? Or Barry Madalow? Or Barry Mayalow?

And what artists do you like? Go on, you must tell us. We all want to know.

And I bet you, one of us can uncover something sordid, evil, satanic or dubious about your favourite singer.

In Jesus' love.

 Quoting: Superflyscot 14397275

fly i liked them all, i didn't see nothing wrong with it for a while, a long while. i didn't know anything but the ways of the world. no one said a word. the church didn't make sense to me, the people all seemed fake. no one came running when i was down, when i needed help, when i cried, no one and i mean no one cared! the pain was overwhelming at times and for long periods. i just waited in the darkness hoping something better was somewhere, any where i would go. i wanted it to be about something other than rent, bills, broken lies.
i made some bad mistakes and beged GOD to answer, i longed for death many days, anything was better than what i had found. the questions, all the questions, but no answers. the tuffist part most days. was it only about pain and suffering, does anyone hurt like me? on and on it went, year after horrable year, i found no answers, yet had them all.
i was lost, now i am found, i did nothing but say thank you and pass on what i have been shown.
i wish no one any harm, i want to bring hope to that person who is hanging by a thread. i hang by the same thread some days. i pray out loud. the only thing that has truly changed, is i know i am being heard and so are all of you... he is listening, talk to him. GOD, JESUS,and the HOLY SPIRIT. and a host of others.
the bad people are fixing to make their way onto the world stage with powers that are godlike, don't be fooled. don't take the mark, being willing to die!
if you hate me for that, the truth, i am ok with that. i have not lied, not once, only misunderstood, this is each of your own fight, be there for the fight, don't give in! i will help you all i can when the time come.
together we will stand...
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