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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle Chuckles the Clown
Post Content
Why don't you talk about the 21st anymore?

I would think that as we get closer your testimony would become more intense.

It seems the closer we get to the end date the more you stay away.

Are you still prepared to go thru with your date with destiny?

You don't have much time left chip.

How are you holding up?
 Quoting: Tuko

Just a few minutes earlier tonight, Chip had something to say about the 21st in this thread:

Thread: 100% NO Bullshit Scoup On What IS Now Taking Place In Our Solar System. No Myan Prophesy BS...Just Scientific Facts!! Get Ready!! (Page 5)

come the 21st this jerk and the millions with him will rewrite their thoughts process and know that GOD is real and in contol! what they do with this info is almost predictable.

 Quoting: chipg

Not me. I can tell you today it ain't gonna happen. No "world changes" on the 21st for me. There might be for you though.

So there we are for now. Chip has backpedalled so much that he has gotten lost. He's saying once again that some kind of spook is supposed to eat the infidels beginning on the 21st like the ones that were supposed to do it 2 Halloween's ago. A most hateful post, I might add (jerks, so-called smart guys). Fun, ain't it, Chip?

i am a 100% sure your having another summer and winter, just who will be here is the question.
 Quoting: chipg

So am I.

And you will be here right with us.

 Quoting: Chuckles the Clown 27808540

so is this the care yall are speaking of, yea, right. it is bs. i came and i said...

clown will be out in the back yard digging his own hole, saying, i should have lesten, i knew i should have listen, to that crazy chip, who would have done all that, just for kicks. what was i thinking?

poor old clown, just a few days buddy, get that hole ready. take some beans, you last min guys. some kind of sad.

you see you know, you wont be able to go blindly. this is called scewed where i come from. GOD friend, not chip. said it.

800 points, the dow, now that's bibial. in less than 4 weeks. it will all come rushing back...

the questions yall have then, no one to answer, just ask fema, or those big mean guys with guns, pushing at your back. watch some of the ww2 old footage. it has happened before. good old barry or whatever is name is will have your answers...
 Quoting: chipg 13295122

And from today:

btw, i'm about 99.99999999 per cent sure i'm one of the two, based on things I can't discuss here.
 Quoting: chipg

Sorry, folks, but I have no sympathy for Chip at this point even with his pity-pot testimony of the past few days.

Still clinging to those hallucinatory wishes - got everything under the sun DEAD WRONG but still believes he is one of The Endtime Witnesses. Since your 12/21/12 date was incorrect, that means the date you threw out about the signing of the Covenant was also wrong, so you need to invent a new one.

And please - stop bragging about Mitt and 1188, as if that was an important job for an Endtime Witness. Your 1188 bullshit was never about the stockmarket rising rapidly - it was about the crash that you said would follow. And Mitt - more bullshit. Click the link -

[link to www.gallup.com]

That was from Dec. 7, 2011. You said nobody else at GLP or on TV had predicted it but that was a lie, just like you said god had given you the 12/21 date but then you confessed later how you came up with it which was similar to a theory I wrote about you on this thread in 2011.

And speaking of correct predictions, how about giving ctedit to those of us here who correctly predicted a long time ago that you were full of shit?

So, Chip - did you ever apologize to your kids for having deceived them like the devil that you also believe exists?

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