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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle chipg
Post Content
clown and fly, sorry to disappoint you up to now.

your statements are not to be ran from or laugh at, they are valid. i wish i had better answers for the adjustments, other than i am just a reporter, a witness to the events i see unfold. as i have stated i have no correct time line or at least one i can fully understand.

i will say this, my sources can and will be correct when the time comes. what the purpose of the past predictions i am not fully aware of. i understand on some level, but that helps no one as of now.

i will also say this, if you hang around long enough and hold your tongue to a small roar, you'll be glad you did. i have come to harm no one, i have taken far worse blows than the ones you throw at me now. don't get me wrong it is fair that you say the things you do. just hang tuff, you'll be glad you did.

i have full confidence in the people i deal with and i will remain to take the heat until my glass of water is full, if you know what i mean. i stand in the shoes of job as of now. i know the day of my vindication and credibility is almost at hand. i am placing my soul on the line. i can't be any clearer than that...

once you see the powers unleashed as you soon will, you will stand fully in my corner also.

the ground work is being laid for the PTB to take full control of these last days. it is truly frustrating sitting where i sit, but at the same time i'm in no real hurry for the full tribulations to begin.

i can only say i told you so once, then we must live these times i have seen, it won't stop or go away, the power off button is only for the TV, once the total games begin.

if you could have only seen one of the events i have witnessed, your life and understanding of real power would take on new meaning. fear with the ability to take life from only witnessing them. men heart will fail them where they stand. be in no hurry, have a good time cutting me down, not a great one. you will not want to be unable to eat your own words. so please keep it as pleasant as you can until then.

GOD is the one we will both answer to, try to keep this in mind, while having your fun.

here are a couple of questions you might want to ask yourself, 1260 days, 1335 days from. i believe those are the right numbers...

i misunderstood the time line, GOD wrote it. so DEC. 21 2012 was not the end date. it must be the start of one.

75 days could have meaning. i will promise to be honest, even when wrong. that's the best i got as to this point.

put yourself in my shoes if possible, ask yourself, what would i have done or do?

i have seen the past and the future, almost side by side. my past and future. that is only one event. i have traveled around in space, been to other worlds to for starters.
if you believe me to be 100% honest, what would you have done or do?

start there and really think it threw. then answer. i would really like an answer, an honest one at that.

also assume it is GOD showing you these things, as a starting point. i would be glad to hear from any of you on this point of view.
try to be kind...
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