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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle Nine's
Post Content
thank you nine, this place was meant to be hard, but we as people get to choice how we respond to each other. we can chose to become hard and non-caring as the world show us or we can pray for the wisdom and STRENGTH to over come what we know is wrong.

i think back over my life and remember how complete strangers have had profound effects on me. by things they said or did. i wish i would have said, hey. THANK YOU letting them know their efforts were not vain.

for those paying attention, GOD is busy proving he loves you. coming from a guy like me, that is saying something. thru it all i would claim to have seen the face of GOD on the faces of people he put in my life.

going back to that day in the six grade, out crying on the back steps of the school yard. that woman sat down and cried with me, holding me, for quite a while i might add. she told me to write it all down it would help someone else some day. that day was the face of GOD or at least one of them. i have been writing every since that day. no one reads my stuff, but it sure got me thru the hardest times.
i know in my heart, GOD reads every word!!!
 Quoting: chipg 24580539

I remember you telling about the teacher. What a dear, sweet, lady she was. Guess there are people we all wish we'd have told they made a difference. With the teacher, I'm sure she knew. There are some very good people in the world. I'm glad you've at least known some. You've never forgotten her. My guess is that she's never forgotten you.
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