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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle chipg
Post Content
Hi Chip

You should consider what nine is telling you. I believe you are having encounters but they are not who they claim to be. I think they are messing with you. God doesn't lie and whatever is messing with you is making you look like a liar.

Can you describe your visions. Are they dreams? Do they happen while you are awake? Does time go by while you are having them? How long do they last? Only at night?

Thanks in advance.
 Quoting: RayGun

...now this is a ray i can handle. let me start by saying i learned my color code in one day, meaning i handle idea's well, concepts. in all my years as a phone guy i have met no other to come even close to one day. yet i can't spell a word. this baffolds my mind.
i find myself thinking 24/7 it can drive one insane, can't turn off my mind. the first time i went to the hospital early 07, i was trying to make it stop. i took all the meds and even ask for more, the dr. said your maxed out, give it a few days. that night the angels came and said their drugs are useless and they were willing to wait long as i wanted. i checked out the next morning. went to the preachers,etc. wanting to make sence of it on any level,
began begging GOD for help, that's the most any of us can do. pray. that's it. and i do and did, often.

the angels, first, they look and talk just like us, i call them angels because they don't use cars, doors, etc. and the things we do to do things. first few times, they were lit from the inside standing around my bed. they were talking to me and each other. I WAS SCREAMING LEAVE, IN JESUS NAME, ETC. they kept coming back day after day, yes they can come at will day or night. (it's a release just to get this far talking with someone about it) this has been very hard on me to say the least.
after not afraid, by force, they wouldn't leave me alone. i began to listen. they went over every detail of my life, names, places, people, the whole nine yards. HOW? many different ways, talking, taking me to heaven, to this gaint house with many rooms. a house the size of a mall. each room did different things. one was my past, every word written down, pictures or movies that played right in front of you, living color is an understatement.

one time i walked in this room and every person in my life from about the age of 18 to 45 were all standing in a line. the angels said go shake the hand of every person you wish to keep the memory of. i walk up to the first person, every memory about our relationship came flooding my mind both good and bad, the last memory was what i learned from that person. i shook her or his hand, i moved down the line, person after person, both male and female.
my life began to take shape in my mind, man how cool, man how smart is this GOD. i walked and shook every hand. this took many hours. this ray is one of three events in a single night. i'm way behind any learning curve at this point. i have on some level wrote it off to faith or fate, but even that scares me. man is hell bad. that is what scares me the most. a failure here is no do able, if you know what i mean.
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