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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle chipg
Post Content
let's take a real look at what these two witnesses might do, what there job will be. forget that i say i am one of them.

at the time of the end, these two guys have a time line 1260 days. day one? when? day 1260? do they know when day one is? i once said yes, i now say no, the days came come at any point GOD decides, a day here , a day there, right?

well at the end there job would be to at least know the last day, right? they have to die. i do die, i have seen it. don't know the day.

i base who i work for on my believe system that got me this for. GOD's word has ran my life, for all but about 5 yrs, those years i call the hell years, because i suffered greatly, first being with women, then being heart broken hearted from one.

last thought for now, at the time of the end, i believe both sides will know in order to make things happen, such as an increase of technoily.
so if someone knew the last day now, it does not make JESUS words a wrong, when he spoke those words they were true, right?

as to the face of GOD, i believe in my heart i have seen it and more than once. i have been near death a few times in my travels and when all this began, fear overwhelmed me, if not for the face of GOD, i might have lost my mind or even worst took my life. i wanted out in the early day, sometimes still in these days. i hate doing things i don't understand.
his face saved me if you will...

also he looked just like what i have envisioned, when yall see him you'll understand right away, what i'm saying.

and what about Jesus, i met him, more than once! are yall telling me this is the devil trying to trick me?

his words were things he would have said, you would have to be there i guess.

thanks guys, really, i needed this, thank you chip...
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