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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle chipg
Post Content
well guys much to my relief i believe i have discovered what i am struggle with.

i went to the store over the pass hour and just walked around trying to understand what i am hunting for, what prompted me to extend myself in a week movement. hence, the pass posts or reply's on my part.
up unto about oct 2012, if i got into a tight spot and couldn't find the answers i was seeking, i could call out to GOD himself and he would answer me directly. i wouldn't go before him, but being in my shoes for the lenght of time i have been, you begin to understand when something comes from the top. this would always ease my mind and i could bare the presure.
along about June of last year i started getting hints, DEC 2012 wasn't the end date, but i quickly wrote it off as error on my part. the group of guys i work with the most came to me and said i was going to be given a promotion in the coming months. so i waited and waited and kept asking what is the promotion?
turns out the promotion would be more freedom to do and say the things i want in my daily life. also i could elaborate into more detail the things i have seen and done with my leaders.
i know a lot that i am not allowed to speak of because this would effect your free will, i get as close as i feel comfortable with, without ever crossing that line.
the reason i am allow to know such things, is because it is kinda a safty net for me and my boys. i have to walk a narrow line with my boys, as to not ruin life for them. they are here and must pass the same test as everyone else without having a cheat sheet if you will. so i must hold many thoughts and ideas inside.
well this promotion comes without direct answers, now i'm walking in territory that i don't feel comfortable in, mistakes here can cost me dearly. i can't even really explain that fully. anyway the pass few weeks have been hard to say the least. so i let my guard down and brought it to you guys, never expecting much from yall, yall actual got me over the hump.
thank you.
what i will try to do in the coming weeks is to bring idea to yall such as the one i spoke of about the line of people in my life. i could have choice not to shake their hands, any one of them and that person and their effect on me would have been wiped clean. i chose them all, btw.
many of the idea's will help you understand yourself and the choices you have made up to this point and hopefully help with the choices to come...
thanks again and sorry about the rambling.
remember we are here learning how to live for forever and in a world where everything is free.
what matter is how we treat each other. i am sure who i work for most days, but some of my teaching throws me for a curve, if we don't quit we will make it...chip
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