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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle chipg
Post Content
Hi Nines, I check in on the thread periodically and still see you have not given up trying to help.

At times he seems so close to "getting it" only to fall back into this again, really ashame.

I wish you... and Chip, all the best.

ex-finance guy now working with animals

one last thing, yall better think your questions thru. i know the answers. some of these answer might be hard to live with or understand. what a strange ride this has been.

i have been shown all things, and i do mean all things...
 Quoting: chipg 24472516

Then why were you asking questions, Chip?
 Quoting: Nine's

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 932329

i am 100% sure of where i stand, to fall back is not the right term or words. I stand firmly where i know the truth is, i reach out, only to be let down.

GOD said, "come reason with me", meaning let us look at it from this point of view, willing to look at both points of view. seeing which one makes the most sense.

i say let us do the same. talk it thur. i hear your side, then you hear mine. don't let fear stand between us, but understanding, common ground. what makes the most sense?

to fear GOD or the devil. i say trust his words, GOD's that is. we must make wise decisions based on sound judgement what makes the most logical sense?

a form of godliness, denying the power there of... meaning the only one capable of power is the devil? NO ONLY god IS ALL POWERFUL! if you fully trust GOD then there is nothing to fear.

pray for understand, i will not give one inch. i know on which rock i stand. righteousness is not hard to define...

the evil will know the bible better than all of us, with a few simple twist turn it into what ever he wishes. you must know your bible. the power of the evil one will look godlike, it is your wisdom that will save you in the days and weeks ahead.
1. did Jesus walk in the flesh? yes
2. was he raised from the dead on the 3 rd. day? yes
3. as surely as the lord lives, i tell the truth.

stand firm on truth.

2nd john chapter 4. know these verses. test the spirits, then tho can not be deceived. it was put there for this generation. know what it says...
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