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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle chipg
Post Content
i find you travel adventure in the angel world really close to what i have been thru myself. What it took me to understand is that "when you receive a message you don't have to let your interpretation be conducted by what your wishes. try to have no bounderies, For example i ask god a questions and he told me that for the answer i have to be patience....and the time spent to mature myself in order to understand his answer was... 10 years of patience, it was really hard. Another time he showed me the future of humanity and the choices we have, it is really hard to live day by day and not have anyone to talk with, it's hard to watch how society is more depraved and not being able to do something aout

i'm always happy when i meet people like you, because i know how hard is to talk free about your experience and i know there that people will judge you and say that you talk with demons and bla-bla bla... but it's better to fight in the spiritual world then live in fear in this world
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27235494

thank you fellow traveler. yes it is very hard these people chose there destruction, when the bible is very clear with all the answers. it is easier for them to judge, than to take the time to do their homework. thank you again. your voice is heard and counts. don't let them silents you, they will not shut me up. it is them for who i work, that's the strangest part of it all.

one comes to set them free, yet they chose the chains and lock, not wanting the key?
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