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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle chipg
Post Content
well nine let us start here with your statement.

The scripture you mentioned, a form of Godliness. I think it means someone who has religion in their creed, but not in their hearts. An external show of holiness, while inwardly no different than those who don't profess to follow His Word.

There are Bible commentators that agree with that view, which I shall produce if you so desire.

You said, "just for kicks, what if i am right and all i say is true and from GOD, then what." Then it would be fantasy. Just a game to play. There's no basis in reality and it contradicts itself. What you say can't be true AND from God, because what you say goes against the Word of God.

You didn't answer my ending question on my last post. Someone lied. If it wasn't you, and it wasn't God, who was it? Who is remaining Chip? Someone lied.

Now YOUR last response. "some feedback as to why this thing is over is a good place to start. why? Good topic. You go first.

the form of Godlessness, i believe is just that, playing the role, with church and friends from church, all the fun outings and so on, but to stand up and flat out pray over the weak , or disable, even the down right disfigured. it's no east task, the fear of GOD not answering is a real one. i did it one at a church on the road. a girl the age of 14 was all tightening up, arms and legs all twisting around, couldn't talk, nothing. she looked to be around 7 or 8 yrs old, but her dad, a older man, in his 60's. loved and kissed on her thru-out the whole service.
this one preacher make me wait until the service was over before he would help me. i needed some gas and couldn't go any further without someone help with gas. so i stay and the service went on for what seemed like days. when he was done i ask the man if i could pray over and for his child, he said yes, so i did. while praying i was looking at her face, nothing but a blank stare. as i neared the end of a very short to the point prayer, our eyes locked and as surely as the lord lives, she was all their, then right back to the helpless young woman. for 5 good mins, she understood me and what i was saying. i hoped she would jump up and dance around, but nothing, even as i left i ask the preacher if she gets better will you call me? he said yes, but i had yet to do the job i was there for, witness. he backed away and kindly led me to the door. on to the next town, he did give me gas and a bite to eat, but he hurried me all the way.

which brings me to another point, the angels came and taught me for just over a year, every day or night, a new message, each building off the last message. i was coming along rather nicely i though. i was wrong. after a couple years they said it time to take the show on the road, cool and about time i thought.

here is the kind of guy i am, they said go to this church, then that one for a few hundred miles. so i packed my things and off i went. i came to the first church, a couple hundred miles from home, in fact i had just over a 1/4 tank opun my arrival. i walked in and said, hi my name is chip and i'm ready, what you need?
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