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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle RayGun
Post Content
btw, the preacher never called, so i'm not sure what came of that girl.

like i said, i said here i am what you need? the preacher looked at me all puzzled and said nothing what can i do for you? once again i said, i'm chip. the angels sent me to help you. well here i am. what yall need? nothing sir, i'm in a hurry, the preacher left and i stood in the parking lot, going what just happened? did i get here to early, angels haven't made it yet. waited until the next day and went back, well, i said. he said well what? you can't be hanging around here. well sir and i went into the whole spill, i'm one of the two witnesses and GOD sent me here to get you ready! didn't the angels come last night and tell you? NO, and you need to leave right now! or i'll call the police. from the look on his face i believed him and left. i will have a little talk with those angels tonight, i thought.

well the talk was to me at me, the angels said, come on man, put your game face on and go measure the church. measure what church and what are you talking about? i was only about half way thru the bible at this point and had never heard of that. chapter 11, they said. so i read and still didn't understand? what, i need the measurements, right? this gave them a good laugh and me, out of gas and my first night out on the road, it's cold in that truck at night and real lonely and dark. no answer that night, nothing. woke to what i went to sleep with. needing more gas, hungry, tired, and very confused.

well i need gas, so i went up to the next church and ask for gas and something to eat, didn't say a word about those angels. i wanted to go home and today. they feed me and gave me 5 dollars worth of gas. i couldn't believe this. i went to about 5 other churches that day, got one more meal, no one would give me any gas, so i was struck in that town for the second night, this time found a lake and hung out there.

that night the angels came and said very good, keep it up. very good? keep what up?
got a full tank from the next church the following morning and 300 more miles i drove, most of the day went bye. still having no clue what they were talking about, got more gas and food that night and slept at the second lake. that night they said, tell them all we have told you, ok. about time you angels got to work!

the next morning, hi i'm chip, one of the two, i came to get yall ready. what? the preacher said. you nut case get away from my church or i'll call the police, next church went the same. darn angels have left me high and dry again.

long story short, i finally figured out what they meant, but only after many hardships and much hate, pointing right at me.

then it dawned on me, measure the church, ask for help, see if the church helps. i get it.

next few weeks felt like months, nine out of ten churches wont give you a dime, nothing. no food, water, gas. most of all don't say a word until after they help. i made the mistake of filling them in only once or twice before services rendered. gas, etc. or they will stop during mid flight to cuss you and run you off...

now the church is forcing me to lie, if i tell the truth, i get ran off in two seconds flat empty handed and looking like a real nut case, which sometimes i even felt like the nut they were calling me.

i got better at it, but still was 9 out of 10 willing to help. i showed them my drivers card, which clearly shown me being from out of town.

don't matter, we are in the business of saving souls not giving out gas or food, one preacher told me. i said, I GOT TO SEE THIS! SHOW ME HOW YOU SAVE A SOUL? I WAS QUICKLY RAN OFF, BUT I WAS RIGHT. they only point one in that direction, there job is to reach out to those in need or hurting in there town, Jesus does the saving part, along with the HOLY SPIRIT, by way of the FATHER. i would quickly add while being ran off.

so as to the church, i hate to use these words, but you can't handle the truth!!! i was forced to lie until i got enough to get me to church or if lucky town. over and over month after month. i measured the church. every church out there has a new building project, all are raising funds for this and that and you can't get a burger from the million dollar churches, maybe a sack lunch. tuna, crackers, and a bottle water. cheese is extra. man what a job! hardest no paying job on the planet. out of all the churches, well over 500 two preachers believed me or at least said they did. i left my number and real phone number at most every church, at all the churches who helped me. i shouted and the preacher, cried at them, everything i could think of, nothing worked. day in and day out. growing more tired and sad as each day passed. from coast to coast and as far north as the temp allowed and south deep into Florida. three years all summer long. seen many cool things, told every crazy story i could come up with to get help and then laid the truth on. fast and hard. once the cat is out of the bag, your mins turn to seconds...

go all of you, give it a try. walk up and say, the staff or angels told me this or that, tell them you have met Jesus, moses, or anyone out of the bible. see what happens! go to a town 20 miles away and give it a try. GOD knows your only checking my story. this is with emails of earthquakes on record. dead solid hits, much more, none even cared to see the proof. GET OUT OF HERE AND NOW! they would say.

so you thought i was crazy on here, now you know what the true nut case i am. i have 100's of stories, some of these preachers are real cards and only in it for the money. some are making millions. i have been to most of the preachers on the TV, what a story. those who make it to heaven, will be able to watch it all, it's all recorded for your viewing pleasure, makes for a great laugh also. i truly did it all. each night getting my orders, town after town i went...

well what do you think of me now?
 Quoting: chipg 25180926

Chip, this should of been your first post with a thread titled "Measure the church". This makes your story sound real. Putting dates on things that never happen makes you sound crazy. Most people here think you're crazy. If you make the claim that you are Gods chosen witness you do have to give some kind of proof. Predicting a future event is one way to give proof.
Next time someone ask me for money or help I'll assume that God sent them. peace
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