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Message Subject oct 31---things are going to change forever
Poster Handle chipg
Post Content
well what do you think of me now?
 Quoting: chipg 25180926

Why do you use the word "now"? Are you wanting me to notice that you said you lied to the minister/preachers to get money after saying you don't lie? I noticed, but it doesn't change what I think of you.

It makes me feel bad that you did all that because demons lied to you and sent you on a wild goose chase. Makes me feel bad that because of them, an otherwise honest man lied to survive. Makes me feel worse that you're still believing them. The great deceiver. Father of lies. Don't trust them Chip.
 Quoting: Nine's

well nine you sure are turning into a real hard case, just how would one figure out who's the most powerful? or who's talking with them?

i'll tell you. you say GOD, it looks like i'm being fooled with. how do i know for sure who is doing what? well he answered time and time again. i won't go into that, cause you give the devil the most power from the jump or at least here. now don't get mad for me stating my case. not trying to take words out of your mouth or put any in. just taking you at face value.

i say GOD is all powerful! if one ask for protection it is given. if your doing the will of our lord, he looks after his own. there is a lot more i can go into, but i am wasting too much time now.

either GOD is all powerful or he ant, no sitting the fence.

this is what i'm saying, when some guy comes along able to stop and start time, tells you that man has twisted the bible all up and he here now to set the books straight. how are you going to resist. he is giving you all you ask for. you must know his works.

hitler came telling Germany, i'll give every family a new car and a house, instead he brought destruction, which was his plan all along, just as it is going with obama, he know what his job is and he is doing it well.

nine you better figure out a test for those coming to your door here in the near future, once at the camps, your way behind the curve.

if people are not willing to die, they will get the mark, it's that simply. yet you don't know who the most high is, or how to stand against those bring destruction. they will have laws to back all their actions, you will have? well that remains to be seen...

it's late in the day, better get up to speed and fast. i am not cutting you down, just stating facts. how are you going to prove if i'm right? that the mark is inside the shoot. data scanners, is a start. the fields will be blank until they fill them, they can put the mark in you without getting one once of info. at a latter date, tell the world, well guys, got you!!! you have the mark, please form the line here. they can fill in the fields then.

remember once you have the mark, death is a straight shot into hell. they will use this info against you.

try and think it out, how would people with all the money and power take down the masses. take the guns first, then...
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