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Message Subject a husky chick is trying to get with me. How do i tell her no?
Poster Handle mk ultra
Post Content
she is a nice chick but i'm not at all attracted to her.and also She thinks she is GOD'S gift and thinks every man wants her
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1448701

LOL. I really feel bad for most of you guys out there.

So many women are fat and just plain disgusting with their muffin rolls and fat asses, who wants to see that type of body naked, what a turn off. It must suck to have to date a gal with an ass that is so fat and has so much cellulite. I mean its one thing to gain a few pounds after children, but even most of the younger gals and 30 somethings have these huge asses and husky bodies. Women are not as feminine as they used to be.

I honestly don't know how women let themselves get to that state of being, no one comes out of the womb fat, it is a lifetime of poor food choices and the inability to discipline one's self to just say NO to all the fattening foods out there.
 Quoting: mk ultra 5813027

There is no such thing as cellulite. TOOL. Our codons activated 20 yeers ago and destroyed it.

PROOF newborn babies are FAT
then time go by
babies NOT FAT


 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26993694

well what is that stuff I see on the back of some women's legs when I am at the beach? Some women have incredibly saggy butts, and ripply skin near the ass and upper back leg, its disgusting. I have never been fat, in fact I pretty much have the same body as I did when I was 18, luckily I have practically no body fat, but I work out and eat clean, and I am no spring chicken either, so I refuse to believe that older women get fat and cellulite naturally. you get fat/cellulite from a sedentary life and eating the wrong foods or eating to feed your emotions, same goes for men.

I don't mean to sound so mean, but the human body is a machine, not a garbage pail for frankenfoods.

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