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Smartphones smear campaigns...

User ID: 1555698
09/18/2011 06:10 PM
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Smartphones smear campaigns...
I believe strongly that Apple has long been using a PR smear campaign against it's rivals. The iphone 5 has been in the media spotlight as being a big problem...

Android is impressive. However I have recently seen the Symbian Belle OS and it absolutely Rocks!!! Many that have seen it prefer Belle to Android, not surprising... However Apple has been using a smear campaign against other smartphone manufactures. And now are we finally seeing a turning point in apple? It appears as though apple are going downhill...

Could Symbian Belle with all it's positive and highly favoured comments versus android and apple be a real winner in today's market?

It would be a shame to see such an overlooked OS not be favoured due to smear campaigns, as all I have heard is that Symbian Belle is actually better than Android and iOS...

Is it about time we also had a little look ourselves?