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Message Subject REAL ALIENS CONTACT !!! - Alien Proof Evidence.
Poster Handle Glenn
Post Content
I had an experience once that I can never forget and certainly never deny.
I'll spare the details, but this message (with the annoying automated voice) is exactly (for the greater part) what I experienced.
This message fits perfectly with my experience.
It's an amazing understanding, relief, and, yet, still much wonder.

I feel spoiled in the fact that I CAN believe the jist of this message.
If I explained why and how, I'd be classified as a nutjob, but that's because a person can't explain an experience and expect others to feel the same commitment to it being real...you need to have the experience personally.
It's a shame.
I promise this though : love, kindness, acceptance and hope are not only Earth bound feelings. That's all I can really promise is true.
Anyways....big work day tomorrow...good night all.
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