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Message Subject Are We Going to War? Like a BIG ONE? Tanks, Congress Vacation, Obama in Denver, etc.
Poster Handle bombnet
Post Content
I am a sneaking suspicion that we are going into a big, big war and a draft. Tanks and military hardware in desert colors on trains in Cali, all this elite going to Denver stuff, Congress on break at an odd, odd time, etc.

What the hell is up. I just can't believe it has anything to do with space stuff.

We can't even afford another war!

Something stinks.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1556290

WTF have you been? We are at War x 2 Afgh/Iraq

 Quoting: Frisco_Silver

This is just insane look at these videos, and i probably miss a lot of others.
What's going on ?
And where are all these military equipment going ?
Pls post other links or info about it

Huge increasing of military convoy,
video from 19 september 2011
[link to www.youtube.com]
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