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Message Subject Are We Going to War? Like a BIG ONE? Tanks, Congress Vacation, Obama in Denver, etc.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
We are fighting two wars in deserts.... During wars things get blown up and must get replaced.

Even if we are about to goto war, who cares? Half of America needs a job. War is basically our only option to once again get out of debt. We destroy the infrastructure of every other producer that is not our ally, then everyone is once again forced to buy american goods.

Geopolitically, it is almost impossible to truly attack the USA (nukes aside) because we have incredibly strong ties with our geographical neighbors and oceans protecting us on both sides.

Additionally, we control any possible grounds for launching sea-based assault on North America (Hawaii.. PR?).

As long as the war remains conventional, it would be a positive thing for America's economy. Many people will die, but many people died to stop Germany from taking over Europe. And now Germany is deciding whether it wants complete control over Europe. So I am not completely convinced that war was fought because we did not like Hitler. We just chose the winning side and decided to use it to our advantage to help the US economy.

In either case, it does not matter how many videos you take. If a war is going to happen, a bunch of people in their mother's basement complaining about it will do nothing. Sheesh.
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