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Message Subject Existence, Your Nature and Why You Are Here [Ask About This and I Shall Answer]
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I only have one question.

Why am I being "haunted by demons" since I was a young child probably since I was 4 or 5? I first had sleep paralysis when I was about 4 and I saw grey aliens at my bed. Now im in my early 20's and I have had sleep paralysis every night for weeks now... Fake planes and choppers flying over my house and I have "demons" that pretend to be stars,satellites, birds, planes, choppers, bugs and bats all around my house day and night for months and months.

What did I do to make demons infest my life? Why are they attacking me in my sleep? Am I food for them? Why me?
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Casual amusement.
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