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Karma update!!!

Offer Upgrade

User ID: 1531714
United States
09/19/2011 08:24 PM
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Karma update!!!
I love sharing these. hehehehehehehe

Of course that one comment begs the question as to how the Krama giver knows my Father's penis size ... but I digress.

9/19/2011 fucktard
9/19/2011 Delusional Libtard with no common sense. Really serves no purpose...just gets in the way.
9/19/2011 This Ron Paul hater needs to eat shit and repeat.
9/19/2011 For Complaining About The GLP Karma System. Begin to Add Value to GLP And Your Karma Will Improve.
9/19/2011 Because +1
9/18/2011 no explanation needed
9/18/2011 teabagger karma. --
9/18/2011 shut-up moron
9/18/2011 monkeytard
9/18/2011 Moran
9/18/2011 fag
9/18/2011 for being a mindless drone
9/18/2011 Retard
9/18/2011 blow me turd
9/18/2011 likes to suck his father 1" dick....

P.S. This Liberal Socialist (proud of it btw) signs his negative karma. Do you Teabags even have that much guts? Nope. Keep it comin'!!!!!

It is time for the utter and complete destruction of TeaBaggery and Conservatism.
Bugsy Moran

User ID: 1289231
United States
09/19/2011 08:28 PM
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Re: Karma update!!!
I like your latest one. It's almost like a negative positive.