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Science is a deception

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09/20/2011 03:07 PM
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Science is a deception
I pointed this out in another thread but it bears repeating here.

Information or messages are contained in perceptions not in science. What science does is quantify a perception to the point where the message disappears entirely in favor of a new view which contains everything a person could ever want to know about a particular phenomenon or event except the original pristine message it contained.

It is a scam of the highest order.

As an example, I refer to the YouTube video which purports to explain the mystery of the ghostly horse and rider eerily passing through an Egyptian riot:

[link to www.youtube.com]

The editor of that video makes a valid argument that the ghostly imagery is due to a camera lens reflection, citing that movement of the ghostly event only occurs when the camera itself is being moved.

The problem is that the alleged "scientific solution" is a distraction away from "initial perception" since any message is only a perceived message.

So, using the editor's exact same argument, I could say that his YouTube video, the reedited explanation it provides, and in fact YouTube itself do not exist because microscopic examination of the computer monitor he is using will reveal nothing but a dynamically updating matrix of illuminated pixels.

Science will always win out over perception because that is what it does for a living - it destroys perception.

We call science's new creations "facts" and technology, which is a byproduct of scientific inquiry, is nothing but adult toys that distract away from the main event - transmitting a message.

Was the ghostly horse and rider a sign from God? Well, scientifically, no. But did it make you think about the Bible message concerning a horse and rider? Absolutely! One cannot refute using science unless one has a firm grasp on the message being refuted.

Also, God is not a waster. He uses locally available elements to constitute a sign.

Seeing as we see the Egyptian riots and become passe about it all while sitting in the comfort of our homes, God may have tongue-in-cheek used the original cameraman's videocorder to pan the scene in question in just the right way to create the effect; as if to say in mocking "You people see the riots but you can't even discern the times in which these riots are taking place!".

To me that is a wise God, not a foolish original video uploader.

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SozzledBoot (OP)

User ID: 992437
09/20/2011 05:17 PM
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Re: Science is a deception
Someone once said, "assertions made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence!".

To which my reply is "assertions made with or without evidence can be dismissed at will. The logical and semantic trick is to not get caught doing so; by others or by ones own self!"