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09/20/2011 04:10 PM
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***Must Read And Wrote Youre Opinion***
On another thread , whith a video abou elenin/nibiru , which appeared a few minutes ago someone told me that the star near the sun is Venus . I posted a thread about nibiru/elenin in google sky and i think the same guy told me that the star is venus . Ok it's Venus but why i can see it just in Infrared ?

How can be Venus and why now ?
This is not the first time when i read or view something about nibiru/elenin , UFO , aliens etc . and someone came and tell us that is not truth what we saw .

why all of you try to hide the truth from us ?

you see an UFO on the sky and a fucking stupid scientist tell's you it's a bird or just youre imagination .

Yeaaah i smoked too much weed ... i'm high and i see aliens under the bad