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Message Subject Top republican : cut military budget and WE'LL INSTITUTE A DRAFT!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
of course they want a draft
why do you think they repealed don't ask don't tell?
no excuses now
and i bet romney is already working on the deferments for his five sons
they'll be dodgers, too
like father, like son

but, seriously, very few would go along with this
people are sick of war
they're over it, done with it
especially young people
why would they go along with being forced?
maybe they'll dangle the "all student loans debts forgiven if you serve" carrot?
even then, i dunno
younger people just aren't as into the rah rah rah kill people in foreign lands to protect our freedoms and spread democracy propaganda as their parents were
they have internet
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