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Message Subject Top republican : cut military budget and WE'LL INSTITUTE A DRAFT!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well...they have to have a draft for a couple of reasons:

1. Israel demands it (Americans need to die for their wars not Israelis)

2. They need the young people out of the U.S. to kill them off with D.U. in some god forsaken desert.

3. With no young people in the U.S. martial law can be declared without a much of a fight

4. Old people are disarmed and helpless without the young people

5. Old people culled....they are no longer "assets" when they retire they are "liabilities" to get rid of.

6. Once old people disarmed/culled in the U.S. and young people culled in the Mideast then Foreign troops from the U.N. (Chinese)can come into the U.S. and take over.

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