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Message Subject Alaskans get $1,174 checks from state's oil wealth
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Sarah had nothing to do with it. It was created in the 70's. All Alaskans almost immediately got a $1000 check. This was only for established Alaskans not newbies.

Some lawyers got mad because they were newbies and sued that everyone should get it the minute they land at the aiport. That was finally resolved and people had to live here at a least a year before qualifying and if you leave more then a few months you don't qualify. The plan was to eliminate snowbirds who just come for the summer.

For every year since the checks were issued and finally reached about $2000. Then they reduced and are at the level they are now. Sarah would have been powerless to change or do anything about it. It was entrenched into the system because the alternative was to give it to the state government and they have a long history of totally wasting vast sums of money and then wishing another bonanza would come.

If it wasn't for the permanent fund dividend the sheep would not pay attention to the funds existence and insist on it's protection and the government would have been able to totally empty the fund for stupid shit like studies of the difference between white and black mice when exposed to frozen water.

The government has tried a few times to change things so they could empty the fund for dumb government shit but the people have a tantrum because that would endanger their little moment of happiness before winter sets in. So Government Hammond was a wise man giving the leash to the people in a way that kept the people awake and on guard.
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