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Kundalini and the Alien Force: Sacred Sexuality in the Pre Christian Ancient World

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1546287
09/22/2011 05:14 AM
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Kundalini and the Alien Force: Sacred Sexuality in the Pre Christian Ancient World
Gnostic and Tantric Practices of Sacred Sexuality

The exploration of Gnosticism may be one of the more revealing pursuits of our time, and it is certainly one of the more difficult. Since Gnostics were suppressed in the 4th Century, disinformation about them has run amok. There is no clear and consistent presentation of Gnostic views, either in the slim surviving materials or in modern scholarship. To add to the confusion, Gnostics were initiates in the Mystery schools, and initiates were bound by a vow of silence about many things they experienced although not, fortunately, about all things.

Body Knowledge

One of the stickiest subjects in Gnostic studies is the question of sexual practices: Did they do it, or didn't they? By some accounts, Gnostics were ascetics who rejected the world as the fabrication of a pseudo-creator, Jehovah, identified by them as an alien deity or Archon. It is now widely recognized that the accusation of world-denial cannot fairly be laid on Gnostics, and more properly ought to be directed to Christian ideologues who falsely imputed hatred of the body to the "heretics," thereby cleverly diverting attention from their own disgust for nature and human embodiment.

[link to www.metahistory.org]