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Message Subject olaf's globall finaancial website...ehm - [updaated dailly].
Poster Handle olaf
Post Content
anyway eh the reality is ehm too stupid.

realy got rich with it all those people and you need to find a job that includes helping to get ore and a phone with a book to download for a dull adventure of seeing dead planets and high buildings with people who like to not do a real thing or something.

dull and not even doing normal ..

square building with a defence antenna doing nothing good but only saying we have ..

why did you get rich of that radio .. radio ? thats not all man ?

so ehm that sucks i get attacked while i can get pretty bad about it.

i'm not a fan with ows and so on btw ..

just as please don;t be a fan i hate to have that.

i rather play a game without going game over ..

you play a game with it like ehm lol it is so f bad incredible.

so now you come up again with .. never mind .. i will enjoy a game that you play together instead of occupying a planet against someone else his will ..

i don't like more ugly then pretty or awsome and i don't know who likes to enjoy that .. or use the state with such an arrogant i got rich from it f you ..

idiocracy is a bad movie .. funny too see but when you look at where they are busy and whats going on then .. eh no i'm sorry it was useless to have done all of this ..

all those ww are useless if you look at this ugly globe ..

who made it ugly .. not me .. i'm also not miss using 1 persons ..

i hate it ..

yur in the middle of nowhere and you got rich .. and you hate the 1 person .. you use for not normal stuff to prove .. a point ?

it are not kudo's
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