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Message Subject Mystery Babylon........USA
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Nice !

USA is both, She is also New Jerusalem

New Jer-USA-lem

There is prophecy of both Christ and Antichrist being born on USA soil

One problem with that. Christ doesn't live in this dimension.

He will not be born into human form again.

When He returns it will be as the sun rises in the east. He will decimate the forces a Babylon martialled for war against Israel, afterwards setting foot on the Mount of Olives cleaving it into a valley.

He will not be born anywhere. According to scripture.

 Quoting: Troubled Waters...

All Knights Templars and Secret Societies dont think so. Its all based on the alignment of the Stars and Astrotheology

Jesus has been reborn. And most likely its a descendant since Jesus had kids

Biggest coverup of them all by the church. but it was to protect the Bloodline
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