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Message Subject Mystery Babylon........USA
Poster Handle Guildenstern
Post Content
The use of the female image has usually meant to be a companion, often symbolic of religious institutions. Beasts have always represented kingdoms. So, I'm not entirely sure this is something you should be completely convinced off.

If you read Revelation, it sounds more like an apostate type of organization. This video is actually somewhat more accurate, I think: [link to www.youtube.com] describing it as the Catholic Church.

Remember, everyone rejoices at its destruction. We will see soon enough, for the Wild Beast will completely consume her and burn her with fire. Whoever this organization is, we will have better insight after it happens. What we have here are good theories. I'm going to stick to the Catholic Church theory. It has defiled itself with Paganistic teachings as early as the 4th century. It became an "empire" by which many martyrs were slain for translating the Bible and trying to promote God's word.

Judge for yourselves.
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