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Message Subject Mystery Babylon........USA
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

One problem with that. Christ doesn't live in this dimension.

He will not be born into human form again.

When He returns it will be as the sun rises in the east. He will decimate the forces a Babylon martialled for war against Israel, afterwards setting foot on the Mount of Olives cleaving it into a valley.

He will not be born anywhere. According to scripture.

 Quoting: Troubled Waters...

All Knights Templars and Secret Societies dont think so. Its all based on the alignment of the Stars and Astrotheology

Jesus has been reborn. And most likely its a descendant since Jesus had kids

Biggest coverup of them all by the church. but it was to protect the Bloodline

Our Lord is God and man, He had no children on this earth.

And remember for the time ahead, Mary is ever virgin. Our Lord is her only child. The plan.

The goof of thinking Jesus had siblings. Really, how come
not word from any Christian on them since seeing "brothers"
written in Scripture?

It's called a misinterpretation of Scripture.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1559201

You raw so very wrong , the bible NO WHERE says Mary is a perpetual virgin. She delivered Jesus vaginally which took care of that.

She was married to Joseph who had sex with her creating numerous brothers and sisters to Jesus. James the brother of Jesus even has written letters in the bible.

It is the catholic church that spreads the lie of perpetual virginity in mother Mary. She was a chosen vessel of God for the virgin conception of Jesus because her blood lines thru her parents could be traced back to both King David on one side and the Levitical priesthood on the other . This was all to fore fill prophecy.

There is only one mediator between us and our Father and hay is Jesus. Jesus became our sabbath which means day of rest so we as Christians have the sabbath everyday being in Jesus, jesus is our rest , our sabbath and many other things .

And by the way mystery babylon is Rome and the catholic church she is the whore( woman is church , whore is unfaithful) that sits on many
waters(peoples) she is the city of seven mountains( should have been translated hills).

She has the golden cup adorned with jewels full of filthy abominations . The united states as and as she is , is not Babylon. God will pinkish us but god also is using us to punish , he uses whatever fore fills His will to accomplish punishment and reward. Aerfect example os Kimf Nebberchadezzer of Babylon.
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