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Message Subject Mystery Babylon........USA
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just to keep it in context... there were captives of the Holy Seed in ancient Babylon (the tribes) and there is a set apart people within the confines of global Babylon today. We are called to come out of her as best as we can. For some that might be leaving a city, for others it might be instructing children at home and leaving the corporate 501C-3 mind controlled churches. Babylon takes on many forms and facets yet The Father still has a people that are not bowing their knees to Balaam even to this day!
 Quoting: ChivalryKnight

Who is to say the people gud said to go kill, steal their shit and enslave thier children did not have a book that said they were the holy chosen ones, before being destroyed in the middle dark ages or what is known as the crusades?

Seriously, anyone that has read the damned book (bible) and follows this death cult is purley fucking evil, allmost every story of the old book is a description of a genoicide, and theft.

Then there is this evil prick job you worship, that would have gladly killed his son, not unlike denvers daughter, and others, and would not offer up himself instead.

To that god fuck you, come for my kids thru me prick.
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